Is a tech startup matching people to places using Virtual Reality. Over the last three years the team has created numerous MVPs and conducted experiments in VR for various avenues of business. After years of mistakes, tons of experience and gallons of fun we decided to focus on the travel industry.


  • We have created a VR platform that generates interactive VR experiences from 360 degree (spherical) videos of travel destinations, hotels and resorts. More than 5000 people have experienced  100+ travel destinations with our trade show solutions during 10+ International travel fairs and events.

  • VRex Box is a transformable VR solution for presentations, events and venues customized for travel events. The standard configuration device has a form factor of a travel suitcase and is easily transformable from a suitcase to a fully functional VR display. VRex box is equipped with a VR-optimized PC, Oculus Rift headset and 23 inch touch screen. To ensure smooth run the system has a built-in cooling mechanism, and a software allowing remote maintenance.

  • VRex Immersive created a special VR stand at a cultural heritage site Uplistsikhe, where wheelchair users can experience the Ancient cave city site in VR. Design of the stand and the content has been created with accessibility in mind. The experience enables users to explore the site fully, listen to the official audio guide sound and also see additional CG elements and indicators. This project is ongoing and 10 more cultural heritage sites will be equipped with such stands. Similar solutions have been created for other organizations as well. Among them is National Wine Agency of Georgia, that is using VR for promotion of winemaking and wine tourism in Georgia.

  • We were among the first wave of VR content creators! We have been filming travel destinations since 2014 and have more than 100 comprehensive VR tours of different destinations used by our Governmental and corporate customers regularly for promotion of the country as well as their products and services.


  • If you are a travel agency selling travel products and services, we have working interactive VR experiences of more than a hundred destinations you can use. The experiences can be used in Android and PC/Oculus environments. To find out more about using our experiences for your needs, contact us.

  • Our proprietary solution of VR display stand for exhibitions is a very effective tool to get more traction on trade shows and events. VRex Box can also be very useful for your sales office or sales agents. You can either rent or purchase your own VRex Box now and receive a special discount.

  • Custom stand is created specially for your projects. Design is unique and content is tailored for your needs. To determine a price of each project we consider: Filming locations, format of the presentation, complexity of CG elements, design complexity etc. Reach out to us to request quote and our staff will contact you shortly to find out more about your needs.

  • Our experienced team has years of awesome content creation in its portfolio. If you need a compelling 360 video about your property, contact us and tell us more. Our production team is locked and loaded.


Address: 7 Bambis Rigi, Room 1, 0104 Tbilisi, Georgia